Target Practice with the Poster for ‘District 9’

Yahoo has debuted the first poster for the Neill Blomkamp directed sci-fi feature District 9, which is either ramping up to bring us three months of annoying Internet-based viral campaigns or will begin treating itself like a regular film.

Screen Gems is releasing the feature on August 14 and has been tight-lipped with the plot specifics outside of officially saying the film depicts a fictional world where extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa. Of course, based on the trailer that was recently released we can make a little more of the story than just that, and the aggressive nature of the new poster also adds a little more to the puzzle I am beginning to think may not offer much more than surface level thrills.

Check out the poster below and I embedded the trailer above if you haven’t seen it yet.

Photo: Screen Gems via Yahoo


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