Did Evan Rachel Wood Drop Off Snyder’s ‘Sucker Punch’ To Sip on ‘True Blood’ Instead?


Entertainment Weekly is reporting Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler) has signed on to play the pivotal role of Sophie-Anne, the vampire Queen of Louisiana, in HBO’s “True Blood.” This comes on the heels of recent news saying Wood had been replaced by Jamie Chung in Zack Snyder’s “Alice in Wonderland” with machine-guns feature Sucker Punch.

EW gives the scoop saying Sophie-Anne is a 500-year-old vampire from France who is charming, wily, ruthless and wise. She’s a consummate diplomat who has (or had) many of history’s most famous people on speed dial.

Wood has been cast for two episodes, which will air toward the end of the second season, which begins showing on HBO on June 14.

As for the question in the headline, it is more catchy than fact-based, since shooting two episodes of a TV show is hardly reason enough to drop out of an entire feature film. At least… I would think so…?

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