‘CSI: The Movie’ is In the Works

The UK’s Telegraph has a short bit of news saying CBS’s hit crime series “C.S.I.” is actually angling for a big screen version according to the show’s producer and one-time star, William Petersen.

“Yes, there will be a movie. I can understand people are a little trepidatious because of the franchise around the world and how well it’s doing. Usually people leave it until a series has finished – they did that with the X-Files and Sex and the City. But it’s about finding the right story – there has got to be a real reason to do it. You don’t just do it because you want to make money – you do it because there’s a story that can’t be told on TV and needs to be told from CSI’s perspective and the audience wants it. And we can’t wait for CSI to end or Grissom will be about 90,” he told the Radio Times.

Petersen played Gil Grissom on the original “C.S.I.” set in Las Vegas, which debuted on October 6, 2000, but after eight season and ten episodes into the ninth, Petersen left the show and was replaced by Laurence Fishburne. Petersen still remains an as the show’s executive producer. He tells the Telegraph, “I’d love to see us make a CSI film. That’s the reason Grissom isn’t going to die of a brain tumor.” Hmmmm, so perhaps Grissom isn’t gone for good after all.

“Sex and the City” recently made a noteworthy transition from the small screen to the big screen, and it seems the folks behind “C.S.I.” think it can do the same.

In other “C.S.I.” news, the show is making its way to Blu-ray staring May 12 with the first season, click here to preorder.


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