‘Angels and Demons’ Will Have a Follow-Up Film, ‘The Lost Symbol’

Variety reports Dan Brown’s follow-up to his hit “The Da Vinci Code,” which in itself was a follow-up to “Angels and Demons,” will hit store shelves on September 15 and be titled “The Lost Symbol.”

The book has already been picked up by Columbia Pictures as a follow-up to this summer’s release of Angels and Demons, the Ron Howard directed adaptation starring Tom Hanks as Harvard religious expert Robert Langdon, a role he originally played in the 2006 adaptation of “The Da Vinci Code.”

The first run of “The Lost Symbol” will run 5 million copies — the largest first print run in the history of Random House. Expectation would be for both Howard and Hanks to return, but the Variety article makes no specific mention of their signing, nor does it mention the storyline behind the upcoming novel.

Angels and Demons hits theaters on May 15, a sneak peek is included in this post.


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