Box-Office Oracle: Apr. 17 – Apr. 19, 2009

#1 movie predicted correctly: 0 Weeks in a Row
Right now, the kids are hot. There is no sense going against them anymore. They’re too strong. Zac Efron brought them in for High School Musical and even older ladies are oddly attracted to him. So this one is going to lure a lot of parents and tweens in… sad, because it’s not very well made.
Estimate: $27.7 million
Monsters vs. Aliens gets a little break this weekend because the openers are aiming at young adult men, tweens, and flat-out adults (State of Play). So I think it barely squeaks by a plummeting Hannah Montana.
Estimate: $14.5 million
It will fall at least 56%, because the younger demo doesn’t delay to see movies. It’s the generation of instant gratification, the only kids left waiting to see this one come from broken homes. Plus 17 Again will peel off 10% of the audience. So I can’t get real excited about the second weekend prospects.
Estimate: $14.2 million
Crank 2 definitely hurts it, but I can’t knock it more than 55%. I think it already faced its big fall last weekend.
Estimate: $13.0 million
It doesn’t have any buzz surrounding it. The trailers are nice, but I there aren’t enough folks left out there for a serious film releasing outside of Oscar season.
Estimate: $11.2 million
This is the title I could end up low on. But the first one only made $4k per theater. Did it build up the franchise enough to grow it more than 20%? I say “nope.”
Estimate: $11.1 million
All the chatter around this one was just movie fanatics making a lot of noise on the internet. Less than two million people have seen this, so it’s not like there’s a large audience out there mulling the social implications.
Estimate: $5.2 million
Do we think the budget was the normal Summit $35m? Because if so, that $100m total gross is looking pretty good.
Estimate: $4.5 million
It’s cleared $60m without evening opening in overseas markets yet. Conclusion? Way more Segel comedies in our future. I’m cool with that.
Estimate: $4.0 million
I don’t see any other films cracking the top ten, so at least I’ll have the grouping right. As for the order, well, I’m not expecting miracles, and I’m sure y’all will tell me where I went wrong. Who you got?
Estimate: $3.2 million

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