Joel Schumacher Finds Six for ‘Twelve’


We haven’t seen anything from Joel Schumacher since the disappointing The Number 23 in 2007. His thriller Creek at Lionsgate staring “Prison Break” co-star Dominic Purcell has bounced all over the release calendar and is still without a firm date set, which means it may find its way to DVD before you know it. But that isn’t stopping him from lining up his next project, a filmed adaptation of the Nick McDonell novel, Twelve.

Variety reports Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Ellen Barkin and Kiefer Sutherland have joined the cast with production set to begin on April 20 in New York.

Jordan Melamed penned the script which is said to follow a high school dropout-turned-drug dealer. His lucrative life sours when the dealer’s cousin is brutally murdered on an East Harlem playground and his best friend is arrested for the crime. McDonell wrote his novel when he was only 17, which depicted teenage drug use and decadence on the Upper East Side.

Unfortunately there is no word on which actor will be playing which character, but I would assume based on the listing Crawford (The Covenant) will be in the lead. This film will also mark a reunion for Sutherland and Schumacher as Kiefer starred as a bad vamp in Schumacher’s The Lost Boys 22 years ago.

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