Tarantino’s ‘Basterds’ Head to Cannes as New Pics Arrive at ‘Vanity Fair’

From left, Laurent, Christopher Waltz as Colonel Hans Landa, Omar Doom as P.F.C. Omar Ulmer, Daniel Brühl as Frederick Zoller, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth as Sergeant Donny Donowitz, Kruger, and Pitt.

Photo: Brigitte Lacombe for Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has posted a six picture gallery of Quentin Tarantino’s cast for his upcoming Inglourious Basterds titled “Schindler’s List It Ain’t” featuring a new look at a Mélanie Laurent as Shosanna Dreyfus who is apparently the actual lead in the film, but has been overlooked for the larger names of Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger.

Pictured to the right is Laurent as Shosanna, a Nazi-slaying cinema owner who witnesses the execution of her family at the hand of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz). Shosanna narrowly escapes and flees to Paris, where she forges a new identity as the owner and operator of a cinema. Some are saying this is the first time we have seen a pic of Shosanna, but you can see her in action in this pic here.

It was also announced just yesterday that Tarantino’s intentions to debut the film at the Cannes Film Festival seem to be coming together as Variety reports the film has been invited to play in competition at the fest. This year’s festival runs from May 13-24 and Basterds will hit theaters later this year on Aug. 21 from Weinstein and Universal Pictures.

As for the rest of the Vanity Fair spread you can check out the rest of the images directly below and the Vanity feature can be found here.

TOP ROW: Diane Kruger as the stunning German screen actress Bridget von Hammersmark.

BOTTOM ROW: Brad Pitt as the Nazi-hunting Lieutenant Aldo Raine.

Photo: Brigitte Lacombe for Vanity Fair


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