First Looks at Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s ‘Micmacs a tire-larigot’

Photo: B. Calvo – Tapioca Films-Epithete Films

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is best known to most as the director of Amelie, others add Delicatessen to the mix and then others remember his last film A Very Long Engagement, and believe it or not that was five years ago. Oh, some may also remember Alien: Resurrection, not sure where most of you fall on that one.

Well, the wait for the next Jeunet feature is not too far off as his next film Micmacs à tire-larigot is set to hit French theaters on October 29, and hopefully not too long after here in the States with Warner Bros. currently holding distribution rights. The film is described as a satirical comedy looking at the world of weapons merchants and is said to be in the same vein as Amelie and Delicatessen.

I have found a variety of plotlines around the Internet, but they are either extremely simplified or in French. So I had to work with some translations and this is what I came up with. The film centers on a character named Bazil (Dany Boon) who is the son of a bomb disposal expert who died in in the middle of the Moroccan desert as a result of an explosive device. Years later Bazil is in a club and receives a stray bullet in the head. He survives but must live with the bullet wedged in his head, which causes some strange side effects. He loses his job and soon gathers a rag-tag group and sets out to take down the two weapons manufacturers, which caused his life’s misfortune.

Along with Boon the film stars André Dussollier, Dominique Pinon, Nicolas Marié, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Julie Ferrier, Omar Sy and Yolande Moreau. It was written by Jeunet along with Guillaume Laurant who also co-wrote A Very Long Engagement and Amelie.

Today Twitch points us to the French website L’Express which has gathered a collection of eleven images from the film and from the set.

You can browse the images directly below and if you can read French get more details on each pic right here.

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All pictures were taken by B. Calvo and are copyright Tapioca Films-Epithete Films