‘Tron 2’ Story Details Spill Online

Ain’t It Cool News has received some story details for Disney’s upcoming sequel Tron 2 from what they refer to as a trusted source.

Seeing how the article carries a spoiler warning I did not read any of the details, but have included the report below should you be interested in digging a bit further.

The story takes place approximately 25 years after the original.

The movie starts in 1989. Kevin Flynn (Bridges) has created some of the world’s top selling games based on his Game Grid challenges in the first film, and has marketed the hell out of what he saw there (action figures, Recognizer night lights, yadda yadda yadda).

Flynn has a seven year old son named Sean.

Flynn disappears, leaving behind his son.

Alan Bradley (Boxleitner) takes over Flynn’s company (ENCOM).

Jump forward in time: Sean is now twenty something.

Alan Bradley has info that leads Sean to look for Flynn.

Search takes Sean to Flynn’s old arcade – mothballed.

Into the computer world goes Sean.

There’s a CLU character (Flynn’s computer alter-ego from the first film).

Flynn has programmed CLU to run around and make a better computer world, but CLU’s gone corrupt and is creating his own interpretation of that perfect world. This is why CLU (young Bridges) is being such a punk-ass in that Comic Con footage we saw.

CLU has it out for a kind of program called ISOs & wants to eradicate them.

The ISOs believe Sean Flynn is the one who will free them from CLU’s belligerence.

Somewhere in the computer world, the real Kevin Flynn is whizzing around in a classic Light Cycle. Will he help in the battle against CLU?

Light Jets have jet walls, too.

Light Cycles versus Light Jets.

Big Disc battle!

Bridges going all out for this role. Embracing it. Fans will go gaa gaa.

From what I understand the official teaser trailer for the film — which has seen such titles as Tron, Tron 2, Tron 2.0 and TR2N — is expected to bow at Comic Con this year following the impressive teaser reel that debuted at the San Diego Con one year ago (featured above).

Starring in the film is Jeff Bridges, Beau Garrett, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner and Garrett Hedlund with commercial helmer Joseph Kosinski aboard to direct. Filming begins this Spring for a 2010 release.


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