Get Ready to Revisit ‘Re-Animator’ with a Remake

I don’t buy into the cult classic phenomenon all that often. For example, Donnie Darko does nothing for me, and neither does Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator, a film I finally saw a year or so ago and wasn’t impressed or entertained in the least. So, when I hear a remake of Re-Animator is on the way it’s hard to drum up any interest either way. However, I will say I fully expect a new version to improve on the original.

The news comes from Shock Till You Drop who says producer Ray Haboush is developing a remake to the 1985 feature that only screened in 185 theaters back in the mid-80s on its way to just barely over $2 million. The film, which is based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft centering on a medical student with a bizarre interest in re-animating dead tissue, has found plenty of life and a following on home video.

Haboush will team with Brian Yuzna, producer of the ’85 original and director of Bride of Re-Animator and Beyond Re-Animator, and intentions are to remake the film in 3D — because when your movie sucks putting it in 3D makes it oh so much better.

Strangely, Shock wonders if Jeffrey Combs will return to reprise his role as the crazed student Herbert West — I guess they are planning on a rather large twist to the story since Combs is obviously 24-years-older now and this is said to be a remake and not a sequel. However, IMDB still lists House of Re-Animator as a sequel to the original with original helmer Stuart Gordon attached to direct and even William H. Macy attached as the President. However, Bloody-Disgusting interviewed Gordon back in May of 2008 and he pretty much said that film isn’t happening despite the poster you see attached to this article.


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