Remake of the Day #1: ‘Arthur’


Variety is reporting Peter Baynham is set to write a remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore comedy Arthur with expectations UK funnyman Russell Brand will take over the title role.

If you aren’t familiar with Baynham’s name don’t worry, I wasn’t either, but he was one of the screenwriters on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat and contributed to the upcoming summer release Bruno which stars Cohen as a flamboyant Austrian fashionista that causes just as much trouble as Borat did, just in a slightly different way.

As for Arthur, the original was nominated for four Oscars and went on to win two including a supporting win for John Gielgud. In the film Moore played a boozy playboy whose plan to marry into a moneyed family goes awry when he falls in love with a working class gal.

Of course, we can’t mention Arthur without mentioning Christopher Cross and his Oscar winning tune “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)”. And you thought the video I added to this article was just a random one.

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