All Four Ladies Signed for ‘Sex and the City 2’

New Line Cinema spokeswoman Candice McDonough tells USA Today all four principal actresses in the New York-set romantic tale — Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon — have closed their deal with New Line along with writer-director Michael Patrick King with anticipation to release Sex and the City 2 summer of 2010.

King released a statement saying, “I’m very excited to work with these amazing actresses again and would love to give everyone more information about the sequel … but I’m busy with my Sex life.”

Steven Zeitchik at the Risky Biz Blog points out the producing roles of John Melfi, King and Parker will also carryover from the first film. However, plot points are up in the air and have been buzzed about from all the ladies since the film’s blockbuster success last summer as it made $152.6 million on a reported budget of only $65 million and a mixed bag of reviews.

Marc Malkin at E! says the new movie will be more fun and less pining for Mr. Big as he too reports the same news.

I can’t help but be curious if Parker’s recently spilled idea regarding a Britney Spears style character will ever fly. She told Heat, “It’s time to inject some young blood into the movie. My idea is to have someone like Britney Spears move to New York as my cousin or niece and Carrie would show them the ropes.”

Who knows? Any ladies out there excited about this?


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