Oscar Roundtable with Pitt, Langella, Hawkins, Downey Jr., Rourke and Hathaway

Newsweek held an Oscar roundtable hosted by David Ansen and Ramin Setoodeh and involving Brad Pitt (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Robert Downey Jr. (Tropic Thunder), Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married), Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon), Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky) and Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) and I have just started digging into these things and from what I have found there are nine of them and I have posted all nine directly below.

Since I have not watched them all I can’t tell you where to start, but Newsweek has an article promoting the videos online and here is a brief sampling of some of the questions asked in the following videos:

  • “If you had to think of the greatest performance you’ve ever seen—onstage, in a movie, on TV—what comes to mind?”
  • “More often now when we interview actors, they talk about how it’s becoming harder to draw the line between public and private, especially with the Internet. Do any of you guys ever Google yourself?”
  • “Is it true, Sally, that when you started working with Mike Leigh, you didn’t know Happy-Go-Lucky was about you?”
  • “Anne, you’ve talked about Jonathan Demme as the first director to see you ‘flying your freak flag.’ How do you get to the point where you trust how the director sees you?”
  • “Speaking of character, some of you actually stayed in character during your movies. Frank, you asked everyone on set to refer to you as Mr. President.”
  • “Brad, when you play Button as a young old man, internally, do you think of him as old, or as a young man in an old body?”
  • “You all seemed to have things to help you become your characters. Sally, Poppy wears the colorful clothes. Frank, you’re wearing a wig. Robert, were you worried about the blackface in Tropic Thunder?”
  • “Mickey, your performance in The Wrestler doesn’t feel like you’re acting.”

Obviously based on some of the video titles this is just a sampling of questions from the Newsweek transcript and since I haven’t watched them all one or two may not actually be in the videos, but I do know there is a lot more that is.

Enjoy, and thanks to Awards Daily for the heads up.

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