2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Blog: Winners and Commentary

Photo: Screen Actors Guild Awards®

Back again for a brand spanking new live blog and this time it is the 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards edition! You have already predicted who you think is going to win and if you don’t want to click over there to see how the results turned out here is a quick rundown:

  • Actor – Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
  • Actress – Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road (just edged out Meryl Streep)
  • Supporting Actor – Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
  • Supporting Actress – Kate Winslet, The Reader
  • Ensemble CastDoubt

No, we don’t do TV predictions around here, but I will announce those as they happen too so don’t worry. As I go along I will obviously be including winners in the blog and they will be highlighted in yellow as such, but you can also keep track of them right here. So, with that said, stay tuned as the show begins at 5:00 PM PST and 8:00 PM EST… I have a few things to do really quickly and will be back and updating as soon as possible.

4:56:46 PM: Get set and ready to begin as we once again join together to cover the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

5:00:06 PM: We are live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles! Well… I’m not… but they are…

5:01:02 PM: James Earl Jones is getting the life achievement… Darth Vader style

5:02:00 PM: This is where everyone tells us they are an actor… Yay!

5:02:22 PM: Did you know Eva Longoria was an actor?

5:02:41 PM: Oh hey, Sean Penn showed up! He skipped the Globes and lost, does he know something we don’t?

5:05:09 PM: And out come Rosario Dawson and Kiefer Sutherland to welcome us. Dawson was great in Seven Pounds… They are awarding actress in a TV comedy

5:05:51 PM: and the winner is…

5:06:00 PM: Gotta be Fey right?

5:06:50 PM: And it goes to… Tina Fey in “30 Rock”

5:07:09 PM: That show is great and it’s a no brainer… the show has to win too doesn’t it?

5:08:40 PM: Ahhhh, Fey tossing in a residuals jab…

5:08:52 PM: Now it’s Freida Pinto and Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire to introduce their film as a nominee for Ensemble Picture

5:09:26 PM: Slumdog is definitely the frontrunner for Oscar right now, but when it comes to ensemble I still have to assume it’s Doubt or Milk

5:10:00 PM: Nice, glad they ruined the ending for people that haven’t seen the film with that clip.

5:10:18 PM: Too late to close your eyes now.

5:10:28 PM: Jon Hamm and Kyra Sedgwick out to award best actors in a comedy TV show

5:11:01 PM: Gotta stick with “30 Rock” on the prediction here and say Baldwin…

5:11:23 PM: And the winner is… Alec Baldwin in “30 Rock”

5:12:30 PM: These shows are just too damned predictable, but when the show is good it’s good…

5:13:20 PM: Baldwin says he wants to make out with Anthony Hopkins as if we all don’t…

5:13:58 PM: Commercial break, gotta get some coffee…

5:19:17 PM: We’re back, and it’s Evan Rachel Wood… The Wrestler style…

5:19:34 PM: Wood is talking really deep and now will introduce a video montage of film and television’s “trailblazers”

5:20:12 PM: Montages are soooo booooooring

5:21:34 PM: While this happens I will say I watched Flashdance last night… Does that win me any points? Before that I watched Unfaithful.

5:22:34 PM: Now comes Claire Danes to look pretty and do something else…

5:23:10 PM: Oh wait, it’s the nominees for best ensemble comedy series… uh, “30 Rock”?

5:23:35 PM: Damn, they are doing long clips with all of these

5:24:43 PM: It feels like 30-45 seconds for each nominee

5:25:19 PM: “Weeds” is a nominee, I haven’t watched it yet but I have the seasons on my Netflix Instant Queue

5:25:39 PM: And the winner is… “30 Rock”

5:25:58 PM: New rule, answer all questions with the words “30 Rock”… so far I am 100% with it.

5:26:27 PM: Jane Krakowski makes a crack at Tracey Morgan’s funny acceptance speech at the Globes.

5:27:15 PM: Frank Langella and Michael Sheen are out to introduce Frost/Nixon as an ensemble film nominee. Sheen is dressed as a werewolf! Oh wait, no he’s not…

5:28:34 PM: They are showing the clip from the film I have heard is actually the one major fabrication in the story. Nice.

5:29:03 PM: Greg Kinnear arrives on scene while we get a good shot of Kate Winslet’s cleavage. No complaints here.

5:29:32 PM: We are getting a film award, Best Supporting Actress… My pick is Winslet for The Reader, could that be why we just saw her cleavage?

5:30:14 PM: Just looking at these nominees it is so hard to believe any of them losing…

5:30:43 PM: And the winner is… Kate Winslet for The Reader

5:31:16 PM: Man, she looks good. Still to this date I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever been in an interview with.

5:32:00 PM: She’s a little more restrained than she was at the Globes, I wonder if she will be even more humble at the Oscars or just go insane. My vote is for insane.

5:32:50 PM: Commercial time, take a break and get a snack.

5:36:03 PM: Ah ha, first comment and an Aussie is here… Reminds me… how about that Australian Open? Federer pulled out a big win last night.

5:37:52 PM: Here comes Christina Applegate and Taye Diggs to announce the winner for male actor in a drama TV series

5:38:47 PM: Jon Hamm for “Mad Men” is my pick, although Hall in “Dexter” is great

5:39:23 PM: I am surprised at how many nominations for “Boston Legal” though both actors (Shatner and Spader) are great.

5:40:30 PM: And the winner is… Hugh Laurie in “House”

5:40:52 PM: Laurie actually won last year… He is really good in that show, but it gets a bit repetitive. That’s why getting it once a year on DVD is so nice.

5:42:36 PM: Laurie thanked craft services… good on yah

5:42:52 PM: Amy Poehler and John Krasinski out for male actor in a drama TV series

5:43:21 PM: Wait… female

5:43:37 PM: All these women are looking so haggard in these clips, these shows don’t look too uplifting.

5:44:40 PM: And the winner is… Sally Field for “Brothers and Sisters”

5:45:43 PM: Luckily I have that one in the database, didn’t think I did for a second there… Whew! Not sure if you saw, but I have the winners updating live right here as well.

5:47:26 PM: Out come the Milk boys to announce it as a film nominee… It’s Brolin, Hirsch and Franco

5:48:43 PM: Emily Blunt! Where has she been? Oh, and Eric McCormack.

5:49:04 PM: Blunt is in Young Victoria and The Wolfman in 2009.

5:49:25 PM: The two are announcing the winner for TV Drama ensemble… Is this “Mad Men”?

5:50:06 PM: I have never watched “The Closer” and these clips don’t make me want to.

5:50:49 PM: I would love to see “Dexter” win this

5:51:27 PM: Love that Massive Attack track on the “House” titles

5:51:54 PM: And the winner is… “Mad Men”

5:53:32 PM: Commercial break and the promise of a speech from the SAG president… is that incentive or reason not to return?

5:54:41 PM: Okay, page break time so this thing doesn’t get too long on one page, click on over to continue.


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