I Can’t Take Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career Seriously

I’m not sure how many of you have been reading my new movie production update posts, but the latest one included news that Casey Affleck was going to direct a music documentary as Joaquin Phoenix begins a new career path going from actor to rapper, with an album to be produced by Sean Combs.

People Magazine caught up with Phoenix who told them, “This is me saying this is who I am… This is my story. This is my life, this is no Mekhi Phifer.”

Well, I don’t know about Mekhi Phifer’s career, but I am sure it didn’t start like this as two videos (found courtesy of The Playlist) show Phoenix in Las Vegas in a pair of videos. The first has him falling off stage after jumping around a bunch and the second is him rapping.

I won’t say anything about Phoenix because I don’t have the complete story, but based on what I am seeing here I can’t take all of this seriously and have a sneaking suspicion this may be some kind of mockumentary. What say you?

Falling Off Stage Rapping


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