Fanboys, Why Boycott Fox Over ‘Watchmen’ When You Can…

Fanboys are preparing to boycott 20th Century Fox as a result of their lawsuit with Warner Bros. over the rights to Watchmen and an attempt to delay the March 6 release. I have seen comments online from people saying they won’t see Watchmen if it benefits Fox, which is a flat out lie. I have seen people say they will boycott Fox until they get to see Watchmen, which is to say they will make sure they get to see Wolverine and, of course, Avatar. I mean, what good is a boycott if it isn’t convenient to the one doing the boycotting? Then I see an article at iO9 saying “Is There Any Reason Not To Boycott Fox Next Year?” Like I just said, Avatar.

If fanboys want to stage a real boycott of Fox over the Watchmen lawsuit they are in for a long haul. The way I see it there is no way for the boycott to end unless it is an arbitrary decision to end it at the boycotter’s convenience, such as the release of Avatar, a film there is no way any online geek ranter will miss. Not much of a boycott I would say.

To boycott something means you are not only depriving those you are boycotting, but also depriving yourself of something you would have otherwise used or taken advantage of. Want to really boycott Fox? Then boycott them all the way. No Avatar for you.

Of course that will never happen. So instead of some arbitrary rant of how you hate Fox and all the movies they release suck, here are a few things you can do instead of ranting on message boards and blog posts over yet another boycott that will go nowhere:

  1. Go to Law School: Instead of starting a boycott based on how much Fox sucks and their movies are terrible, wouldn’t it make more sense to come to the debate with an intelligent argument?
  2. Study contractions: you + are = you’re NOT your. For more on this click here.
  3. Throw Away and Never Buy Another “Unrated” DVD: Did you really think an unrated version of Hitman was going to be better?
  4. Don’t Forget about Warner’s Role in All of This: After all, aren’t they releasing a film based on a graphic novel of which its creator is not supporting? Ask yourself, “What would Alan Moore Do?”
  5. Get Back to that Uwe Boll Petition: Remember, the one you abandoned earlier this year? Is that thing up to a million signatures yet?
  6. Study a Foreign Language: At least then you will be able to complain about comic book movies in two languages.
  7. Think of Reasons You Want Your Rights Violated: After all, that’s what you are asking Fox to do.
  8. Read “Watchmen” Again: Isn’t the book always better than the movie?
  9. Go for a Jog: Fitness is key to a long and happy life!
  10. Realize There are More Important Things In Life: Compared to the failing economy how does that Watchmen release date rank?

See, there so many things to do outside of posting a bunch of empty complaints only to forget about them minutes later. I’m looking forward to Watchmen just as much, if not more, than you are, and trust me, it will be released in theaters in 2009 and most likely on that March 6 date you have all been eyeing for oh so long.

Now, forget your worries and watch this new featurette on Watchmen that just debuted on MySpace and smile.


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