The Verdict is In On Kevin Smith’s Poop Gag


Michael Phillips at the “Los Angeles Times” had this to say in his review about the shit shot in Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno:

Smith will, unfortunately, be going to hell for the inclusion of one outlandishly grotesque sight gag, one the movie (any movie) would’ve been better off without.

Then again, the filmmaker’s entire career has mined the fun, the possibilities and the risks of going too far.

At the same time New Yorker Magazine’s Vulture blog put together the mock-up poster below pointing to several critical opinions on what is definitely the most memorable, if not gag inducing, scene in film this year.

Photo: via Vulture blog

I am anxious to hear any reactions from moviegoers as the scene hits them in the face. Personally I got a kick out of it since Laremy was sitting next to me when it happened and actually covered his face and huddled into a fetal position. Now that was funny!