Who’s Buying ‘Twilight’ Tickets?


Fandango has been surveying folks interested in seeing Twilight and with over 5,000 responses here are the results:

  • 92% of respondents say they’ll see Twilight on opening weekend
  • 85% say they plan to see the film more than once
  • 56% are planning to see the movie with a group of friends
  • 97% have read the novel by Stephenie Meyer
  • 86% would be interested in visiting the locations where the movie was filmed
  • 95% of the respondents to the survey are female
  • 42% of respondents are 25 or older, 58% are younger than 25

The interesting numbers to me are that 92% of the respondents will see it opening weekend, 97% have read the novel and 95% are female. Of course this doesn’t mean the only people that are going to see this movie will be females that have read “Twilight” and are going to see it on opening weekend, but it is quite indicative of who exactly is excited to see the movie.

Personally, I am more interested in seeing how Twilight does at the box-office than who gets nominated for the Oscars this year. It’s obvious it’s going to be big, but impossible to tell just how big.