‘Star Trek’ Reboot or ‘House of Wax 2’?

Mouse Over for the J.J. Abrams Photoshop Effect
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Empire Magazine has debuted a few more pictures from Star Trek, and since I left my comments pretty much to myself the last time I think it is finally time to say something about the waxy look of the new Enterprise crew. I know they are young, but did they have to be caked in make-up to make them look like fake humans? And the picture above is not even the worst of the bunch. However, I did a little airbrush work on the old Spock and Kirk to make Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner look a little more like their youthful counterparts. Just mouse over the picture above for the full J.J. Abrams House of Wax Effect™.

I hope the whole film doesn’t look as plastic as these pics because if the bridge of the Enterprise looks like a toy it may not matter what the story is like.

You can check out the new pics here and here or by clicking on either of the teasers below.

Zachary Quinto as waxy Mr. Spock
Photo: Paramount Pictures via Empire Magazine
Chris Pine as Captain Kirk
Photo: Paramount Pictures via Empire Magazine