First Four Looks at ‘Angels and Demons’

Photo: Sony Pictures via USA Today

It looks like Tom Hanks’ character, religious expert and scientist Robert Langdon, isn’t sporting the same mullet that garnered him so much attention in The Da Vinci Code as USA Today has published the first four images from the upcoming follow up film Angels and Demons based on yet another Dan Brown bestseller. In this one Robert Langdon (Hanks) discovers a conspiracy to destroy the Vatican and includes the murders of cardinals, who are mutilated with mysterious symbols. The book it is based on is WAY better than “The Da Vinci Code” which, as a book, was one of the worst books I ever tried to read and threw it out after reading only half of it. I have a feeling this follow up will be much, much better.

As for the pics you see teased above, here are the details on each:

  1. Tom Hanks stars with Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer.
  2. Ewan McGregor plays Carlo Ventresca, the faithful servant to the church during the papal conclave in Vatican City. Grazer says the movie examines the conflict between science and God, particularly when faith is tested by violence. “This is the hardest movie Ron (Howard) has ever shot,” Grazer says. “Not only because of being exiled from the Vatican, but it’s darker subject matter.”
  3. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks, left), Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer), Chartrand (Thure Lindhart) and Carlo Ventrasca (Ewan McGregor) examine clues in Angels. Grazer describes their earlier film, The Da Vinci Code, as “a puzzle movie. It wasn’t a contemporary movie. It was a little static. This one is more dynamic. It’s an action movie.”
  4. Filmmakers had hoped to shoot Angels at the Vatican and inside Roman churches. But Brown’s Angels, which includes the murder of two cardinals, was quickly shut down by the church. “This movie was strangely harder to shoot than Da Vinci Code, even though there’s less controversy,” says producer Brian Grazer. Exteriors were shot quickly in Rome, and elaborate sets were built to replicate the Vatican and other churches at Los Angeles studios

You can click here for larger versions and once Sony is kind enough to send out the regular versions to us lowly websites I will update the article and add them to the gallery. However, you can check out the teaser poster here.

Angels and Demons hits theaters on May 15, 2009.