ON DVD TODAY: October 28, 2008


Not exactly the greatest of weeks for DVD and Blu-ray releases, but I have added a bunch of new titles and release dates (links at the bottom) and I am sure Disney is loving the empty week to debut their direct-to-DVD Tinker Bell feature.

Tinker Bell
I received this late last week and haven’t had a chance to give it a watch yet. I was hoping to get it watched before I ran this week’s releases so I could have a full review for you, but no such luck. You can watch the trailer below, but other video I have seen of the flick doesn’t really give much of an idea of what the film is about outside of telling the story of Tinker Bell’s origins and how fairies help the seasons change. Not sure what the plot twist in the story is, but I hope to give it a watch tonight and get back to you soon.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth
I just watched this again and should have a review for you shortly. My quick advice is to only buy it if you have young kids that can enjoy it until they are about 11 or 12-years-old or so. This is a fun flick, but it won’t hold an adult’s attention for too many viewings. Oh, and the in home 3-D glasses thing doesn’t work all that well as everything is shades of red and green and the backgrounds end up a bit blurry. However, I definitely say rent this one and, again, if you have youngsters it is probably a good buy, but there are a some scary fish for the really young ones so watch out for that.
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Hell Ride
I have no interest in this film and I think the way I have seen it promoted as “Quentin Tarantino’s Hell Ride” is an absolute sham. Quentin Tarantino produced this flick and that is all. Larry Bishop wrote, directed and stars in it and from what I have heard it is a mess.
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Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
Ugh, I have no right to comment on this film because it is not targeted at me. On top of that, considering the film takes place during the Great Depression I am not sure how many adults are going to get too excited watching it. I guess if you have a little girl in the house it may be a good one to rent, but Tinker Bell should keep you covered so you don’t need to if that is the case.
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Death Defying Acts
Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Guy Pearce this flick received rather poor reviews and only saw a theatrical release in 2 theaters to the tune of $5,665 at the box-office. The film is based on true events during the escape artist Harry Houdini’s 1926 tour of Britain, the film will follow Houdini’s passionate relationship with a woman he encounters in Scotland. Buy at your own risk, but who knows, it could be right up your alley.
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Animal House (30th Anniversary)
Has Animal House worn out its welcome yet? The film has been released on DVD for what seems at least once over the last five years and considering all the carbon copies released in theaters on a yearly basis I just don’t see the need to continue to return to it. Along with this 30th Anniversary edition I can also assume Universal will be releasing a Blu-ray version soon as well since this was one of their early HD DVD titles and they have been doing a pretty good job of replacing each one since Blu-ray won out. However, if you still don’t own a copy of Animal House and don’t want to wait for the Blu-ray I guess here is your chance. Have at it.
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