‘South Park’ Gets So Startled!


It seems the boys at “South Park” are getting ready to one up their raping of Indiana Jones as the episode premiering this Wednesday (10.29) called “I’m So Startled!” makes use of fast edits, handheld cameras, dismemberment, screaming and giant guinea pigs.

The preview clip is below and if it lives up to this it should be pretty good. I would like to thank roythegamer who just started following me on Twitter for the link as it was one of his latest tweets. However, I would also like to verbally punish roythegamer for now making me write the word “tweets” in an article. Hard to feel masculine using words like “tweets”. Thanks Roy!

From what I can tell the latest film Quarantine was the #1 inspiration for this flick, but the guinea pig has to be a Cloverfield reference… Right?