The Real ‘Friday the 13th’ Remake Teaser is Here


Yeah, I am interested in the new Friday the 13th remake, but wasn’t the great thing about the original the fact that Jason’s mother was the killer and the subsequent emergence of an all-new killing machine? The intrigue was with the man behind the mask and how new he was… at least in the beginning. With a remake of it all isn’t all of the mystery behind the story’s killer ultimately lost leaving us with nothing more than the slaughter?

With Saw a new killer was created and a franchised murderer was once again renewed joining the ranks of Freddy, Jason and Michael Meyers. As a matter of fact, after this weekend, Jigsaw is going to be the second highest grossing serial murder in movie history behind Hannibal Lecter, leaving Freddy, Jason and Michael in the dust with far fewer films. Personally I think the Saw films are crap and I haven’t, and won’t, watched one since I suffered through Saw III on hotel pay-per-view a few years back. It’s time these producers that are so dedicated to horror get their heads together and create new serial killers.

Everything said, check out the official teaser trailer for Friday the 13th from the director of Pathfinder the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and if you missed it, click here for the kill scene previewed at the 2008 Scream Awards.