New Dirty Look at Viggo and Kodi from ‘The Road’


Ryan Adams at Awards Daily has posted a new publicity still from The Road featuring a dirty look at Viggo Mortensen as The Man and Kodi-Smit McPhee as The Boy.

The still, I am assuming, comes from “Interview” magazine although Ryan doesn’t specifically label the origin outside of the quote he uses to accompany the article:

“We knew that the journey of making a movie out of McCarthy’s book ‘The Road’ would be both physically and emotionality challenging. There is a certain degree of sadness, fear and regret that ‘The Man’ carries inside as he strives to protect huis son and ensure their survival in an impossible world.” — Viggo Mortensen (Interview)

The pic you see to the left is just a small version of what they have over there. You can click here to check out the full-sized version.

As it stands we still don’t know when The Road will hit theaters. The Weinstein Co. has basically disabled the official website and the Flash application now barely loads. Rumor has it that it is getting a December release, but my assumption is that the Weinstein’s are so desperate for a hit they would rather promote the title as a larger venture rather than an awards contender and will hold off releasing the film until later.

We have yet to see a poster or a trailer for the flick, which tells me they just aren’t ready to roll. Especially for a film that was supposed to be in theaters on November 14.