Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 17 – Oct. 19, 2008

#1 movie predicted correctly: 0 Weeks in a Row
How can I give this more dollars per theater than Hitman? I can’t. This weekend is the weekend we’ll hear about how people aren’t going to theaters because they are broke. It’s not true though. People aren’t going to movies right now because the studios are releasing trash.
Estimate: $18.1 million
2. W.
This one probably never should have been made. It’s an important film, a well-done film, but also a film you would never ever tell a friend to see. It will do okay on Friday night but fade fast after that.
Estimate: $11.2 million
If it wins again I should get to retire. I deserve it.
Estimate: $11.1 million
I gave it $3k per theater. And that’s being generous.
Estimate: $7.3 million
Dropping it 51% because it’s a horror film. We all know those sort of films don’t hang around long.
Estimate: $7.0 million
Wrong place, wrong time. Might be Leo’s first real “miss” in the past five years.
Estimate: $6.7 million
I interviewed Kevin Smith yesterday and asked him if he’d seen this. I only asked because Rosario Dawson skipped Zack and Miri Make a Porno to do this instead. In hindsight that was a bad move. But he hadn’t seen Eagle Eye… so we couldn’t make fun of it together. Missed opportunity.
Estimate: $6.3 million
I have no idea how this is going to make money. Plus it’s only getting 1591 theaters. That’s not enough.
Estimate: $4.3 million
At $22m and going strong! It might crack the top 2000 of all time domestically this weekend. Lofty goal.
Estimate: $3.5 million
What a miserable weekend at the box office. Luckily, we’ll be back Sunday to make light of the situation. That’s what we do, for you, the paying customer.
Estimate: $2.9 million