‘Twilight’ Toys, ‘Star Trek’ Pics, Eminem’s Back and More

(clockwise from top left) Quinto as Spock, Jolie’s lips, Mummy 3 DVD, Tim Burton, USS Kelvin from Star Trek, Spirit poster, Wanted DVD, Edward Cullen toy from Twilight

Ain’t It Cool was sent an outtake pic of Zachary Quinto as Spock from Entertainment Weekly’s cover story. You can click here to see the pic and at the bottom of this article I have a much larger version of the EW cover and EW’s full Star Trek spread is online now with one more new pic right here.

Speaking of Star Trek, SlashFilm points to a blog post from Edgar Wright, director and friend of Star Trek co-star Simon Pegg, about a film he recently saw that “delivers all the goods sorely lacking from a certain trio of prequels.”

Not movie related, but Eminem’s new song “I’m Having a Relapse” is online. Sorry you have to visit Perez Hilton to listen to it.

Been listening to Kevin Smith’s story about Prince, here’s part one, part two, part three and part four. You know the full thing is available on NetFlix Instant Play though.

CHUD.com is running an excerpt from one of their forum posters who apparently was at the test screening for The Road, which is now rumored to be delayed until 2009. I didn’t read it, but from what I understand it’s rather negative. Sorry, I just don’t trust random people from forums using fake names.

Los Angeles Times has up an interview with Tim Burton talking about Alice in Wonderlandamong other things. Funny thing about Tim Burton, I know if you think you are insane then you aren’t insane, but what if you know you are eccentric, doesn’t that just mean you’re boring?

You can watch the first two talky clips from Quantum of Solace right here and right here.

IGN has one of the worst bits of rumor reporting ever. The headline reads “Bull Durham 2 Confirmed” but the article reads “there are loose plans in the making for a sequel to the 1989 hit Bull Durham.” So they confirmed there are loose plans? But the headline just says confirmed. Ahhh, I get it, click here we have bullshit for you is what the headline should have read.

There’s a new poster for The Spirit online and I added the poster and trailer for The Haunting in Connecticut.

Anne Thompson wonders if the failure of Body of Lies to make an impact at the box-office is due to a decline in movie stars. I guess the “anti-Iraq War film” argument just wasn’t sticking well enough.

ON DVD: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (12/16) and Wanted (12/2)

Rumors say James Cameron’s Avatar may be delayed based on the fact it’s release date has been changed to “Undefined” on the Fox official site. It’s currently expected to be released on December 18, 2009. Fans of Cameron can enjoy a video interview he gave recently right over here. (Thanks goes to The Movie Blog for the heads up)

New Changeling poster keeps the focus on Angelina’s lips.

Funny movie posters based on the movies shilling their products. The one for W. should be stamped with JACK DANIELS all over it.

Why people continue to make such a big deal about movies that won’t happen is beyond me.

TWILIGHT TOYS!!! Squeeeeeee!

Zachary Quinto as Spock and Chris Pine as James Kirk
Photo: Entertainment Weekly