Seven Clips from Clint Eastwood’s ‘Changeling’


Universal has released seven film clips from the Angelina Jolie starrer Changeling (10/24) from director Clint Eastwood. Jolie stars in the film alongside Amy Ryan and John Malkovich telling the story of a mother’s search for her child even when told the young boy standing in front of her is the child she is searching for. The film is based on actual events and received several good reviews out of the Cannes Film Festival, but has since found some negativity. Based on the clips below I get a sense of over-acting on the part of Jolie so much to the point that it feels like all the air is taken out of the film due to it.

However, I leave a large amount of room for error here on my part. Eastwood has proven time and again he is a fantastic director so I will hold judgment until the film is actually released, but you can begin making your judgment right now as I have broken up the seven clips over the course of this page and the two following so as not to bog down your browser.

“Christine is introduced to the boy the police say is her son at the train station”

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