‘Punisher: War Zone’ is Lenticularly Filled With Guns


Lionsgate just sent over the latest in theater gimmick they are using to sell audiences on how cool Punisher: War Zone (12/5) is going to be. You see, what you are looking at below is actually a wall mounted behemoth in which the guns serve as a frame and the poster is one of those lenticular-3D jobbies that is lit from the front and the Punisher follows you with his guns as you walk by.

Those that have been tracking this film are probably already a little wary of how good it will be considering all the hub-bub made regarding director Lexi Alexander and her supposedly being kicked off the project (not sure if that ended up to be true or not). The trailers look pretty wicked in terms of violence, not sure how it will all shape out though.

Take a peek at the new poster thing below, look for it in theaters and find a slightly larger version over here.

Photo: Lionsgate