EXCL: Adam Marcus Will Have Walked With a Zombie


ComingSoon.net/ShockTillYouDrop.com just got off the phone with director Andy Fickman (Race to Witch Mountain), having had a great talk with him about a lot of things, including the four RKO remakes he’s currently developing and producing with Twisted Pictures (Saw).

The first one up will be I Walked With a Zombie, based on a strange 1943 movie about a nurse who uses voodoo to resurrect the wife of a plantation manager, and Fickman gave us the exclusive that it will be directed by none other than…

Adam Marcus, who helmed Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday back in 1993.

“We’re just getting ready to start going out for casting on that, and we’ll film that in New Orleans in the spring,” Finkman told us.

We talked quite a bit with the director/producer about the various movies in the RKO deal, the differences between horror movies back then and now and how he sees these remakes being geared, but we’ll save all of that for our full interview, which you’ll be able to read here closer to the release of Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain on March 13th.

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