45 New Pics from the Pangs’ ‘Bangkok Dangerous’

Nic Cage contemplates if he should ever learn to act.

Don’t you hate it when a new movie is coming out and you want to say, “Yeah, can’t wait to see that one,” but there is that one issue that gives you pause? The upcoming Lionsgate release Bangkok Dangerous is an example of a film that does that for me.

I am whole heartedly interested in seeing what Danny and Oxide Pang are going to bring to the table even if I wasn’t interested in seeing The Messengers. These brothers have vision and a little crime drama involving a “cold-blooded hitman” sounds like something up my alley. However, there’s a catch… that hitman is being played by one of the most notable over-actors of all-time: Mr. Nic Cage. Yikes, doesn’t anyone even try directing this guy?

This is not to say I haven’t liked any of Cage’s films. National Treasure is tolerable, Adaptation is pretty good and Face/Off is a surprisingly fun film as Travolta and Cage challenge each other to an over-acting… well… face-off.

What’s ahead in Bangkok Dangerous? I don’t know, I am avoiding trailers as much as I can now to save the surprise for the big black room, but if you are so inclined you can check out a fleet of 45 new pictures we just received for the film by clicking right here or on the pic above and see what you think.

Bangkok Dangerous is set to hit theaters on August 22, but this one is coming from Lionsgate so let’s just call that a tentative release date for now (they change their minds a lot unless it involves Tyler Perry).

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