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It’s been a long and rocky road for the release of Kyle Newman’s Fanboys with delays, rewrites, reshoots and, for a time, a completely different director. Fanboys has now finally launched into a limited theatrical release with Newman back at the helm and his original vision for the film restored.

Set in 1998, just prior to the release of “The Phantom Menace”, Fanboys tells the story of a group of friends who, upon learning that one of their group has terminal cancer, set off on a pilgrimage across the country to George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, determined to break in and see the film together while they still can.

Starring Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell, Dan Fogler, Sam Huntington and Chris Marquette, alongside a dozen surprise guest-stars, Fanboys aims to blend comedy with late 90’s pop-nostalgia.

ComingSoon.net got a chance to chat with Fogler, Huntington and Marquette about the film, their off-screen love of “Star Wars” and what it means to be a fanboy.


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