Apatow Signs Sandler, Rogen and Mann for His Next Comedy

I am curious to see how Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Pineapple Express perform at the box-office this year. The poor box-office results of the R-rated Semi-Pro were a bit of a shock and it has me wondering if it was because an R-rating simply based on the use of the word “fuck” doesn’t draw audiences. I am wondering if you need the sex aspect to bring in the audiences. Or, perhaps Will Ferrell is the reason audiences didn’t attend.

Comedy in theaters seems to have a life-span, Jim Carrey’s span seemed to run out recently, Ferrell’s may be running out, Adam Sandler had to change his style to make money and I am wondering how long the Judd Apatow effect will remain in place.

I think Apatow’s next film may be a great test as he has signed on Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and his wife Leslie Mann to star in an as-yet untitled comedy which is aiming for a late summer or early fall production start.

There is no word on the plot. All that is know is that Apatow wrote it and Universal will distribute.


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