Zack and Miri Study Strippers to Make a Porno

After watching Chasing Amy recently in preparation for a top ten list I am going to be doing down the line I also popped in Mallrats simply because I love that film and realized it really is time for another quality Kevin Smith movie. Obviously Jersey Girl was not the answer and I don’t think Clerks 2 counts because a sequel just doesn’t seem like Smith’s style. Kevin Smith is about originality and that is what made his first films so great, and it appears (despite that awful “Fucking Seth Rogen” video) Zack and Miri Make a Porno may be just what the average Kevin Smith fan ordered.

The pic above is the first look at the new film via USA Today as Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks star as the title characters, Zack and Miri, broke friends who embrace their desperation by making their own X-rated tape to pay off their debts. In the process, they uncover romantic feelings for each other.

The quote you want to read from the story goes like this:

“What’s weird about it is, it’s dirty. But it’s so incredibly sweet,” Smith says, noting that Porno will be rated R (obviously, there’s no actual porn in it). Banks says grown-ups are mature enough for immature jokes. “These kinds of comedies, these sweet and sexy comedies, have all started to push the envelope. This movie takes it even further, that’s definitely true. But if you’re over 15 years old … you know what sex is, and in comedy you’re always trying to find those taboos that you can break for a laugh. Sex in America is a huge one.”

And Rogen? For him, there’s no safety in safety: “Oh, we are going too far … ” He laughs and adds: “The first thing people should think is: ‘Are they allowed to do that?’ ”

Hmmm, Seth Rogen thinks they are going too far? Knocked Up, Superbad and 40-Year-Old Virgin fans just bought their tickets.


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