TOP TEN: Sexiest Movie Couples


With the upcoming release of The Other Boleyn Girl and the team up of Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson who star as the seductive Boleyn sisters as they vie for the heart of the King of England played by Eric Bana it begs the question, “Who are the hottest movie couples of all time?” Obviously being only 31-years-old it is hard for me to actually consider all-time couples, which has really made this the hardest top ten I have ever put together.

Of course, there is the other factor… I am a heterosexual male and not attracted to men. Like the “Seinfeld” episode when Elaine asks Jerry, “You can’t find beauty in a man?”

“No… I find them repugnant and unappealing.” However, I think I am able to tell when a man is attractive. I stress “THINK”. I am sure I am going to miss several couples that many of you consider sexy and get you all moist, but here is my stab at it.

Like it, love it, dispute it… Let me know what you think at the end, hopefully I have at least five of your favs.

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