‘Transporter 3’! Boom! It’s On!

Last night I think I heard Ryan Seacrest call The Rock the big action star of our time. FUCK THAT! Anyone hear of a fella called Jason Statham? This guy is all about the action and the kicker is that he is damn fun to watch as he kicks much ass. Were the first two Transporter movies any good? From a story point hell no, but from an entertainment perspective, hell yes. Statham loves action, and he isn’t afraid to continue the fun. I mean, come on, he is doing Crank 2 for crying out loud. I love it!

Statham will now return as Frank Martin in Transporter 3 in which he will reteam with his Transporter 2 co-star Francois Berleand and Robert Knepper has also joined the cast.

Louis Letterier will not be returning for his third turn as helmer, instead he will be handing the reins off to Olivier Megaton, a last name that is an “r” short of an evil Transformer and altogether powerful. I haven’t seen anything he has ever done, but with a name like Megaton I am assuming he does it big. On a side note, he was a second-unit director on the terrible Hitman, which does mean I have to dock him a few cool points.

There is no storyline or word on a screenwriter outside of saying Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen wrote the first two flicks. This may mean they wrote this one as well but there is no official word.

The pic is expected to shoot for 16 weeks in Russia and France, but there is no word on when.


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