Jonathan Rhys Meyers Joins Julianne Moore in New Horror

It would be nice to find a new group of directors that can bring us some cool horror flicks. After the first Saw James Wan hasn’t really turned out the way we thought he might and the genre is in serious need of a recharge and perhaps the Swedish directing duo of Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein are the answer.

The two are set to direct Shelter with Julianne Moore in the lead and now Jonathan Rhys Meyers joining the cast.

Unfortunately there is no word on a storyline. There is something of a silver-lining however and that would be the screenwriter. Michael Cooney penned the flick and you may remember his previous screenplay as Identity. Yeah, it’s been five years, but perhaps this one is super twisty and all the more reason for the hush-hush.

The pic begins filming in late March in Pittsburgh.


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