ON DVD TODAY: February 12, 2008

Lucky you, there is only one DVD/Blu-ray you need to buy this weekend and very little else to care about.

There isn’t much more to say about Gone Baby Gone that I didn’t say in my theatrical review or my Blu-ray review, but it truly is a DVD/Blu-ray disc you should add to your collection. Considering this is Ben Affleck’s directorial debut it is a testament to how much more qualified he is as a filmmaker than an actor. But the movie, enjoy it and show your support for keeping Ben behind the camera and Casey in front of it. BUY IT AT AMAZON

Leading off “The Rest” is a title I already reviewed and did not enjoy. Becoming Jane is about as vanilla as you can get. There is nothing to get excited about and nothing to really enjoy. If this is something you are considering I would suggest just checking out Pride and Prejudice again. It is virtually the same story and told much, much better. BUY IT AT AMAZON
Yikes, this film is truly awful. To quote my theatrical review of the film this picture “involves bad dialogue and bad decisions, all culminating in one of the most outlandish and poorly sought out drug seizures ever.” If you need more hatred and a second opinion see Domenic’s DVD review. BUY IT AT AMAZON
Martian Child is a film I don’t think you can hate. I also don’t think you can love it. It is one of those films that you watch, eject, take back to Blockbuster and forget about. Needless to say, it’s a rental… at best. BUY IT AT AMAZON
Like Martian Child, you can’t hate or love No Reservations. However, I don’t think you should rent it either. BUY IT AT AMAZON
I never saw this movie, but I wanted to. We were supposed to have an exclusive clip for you but the damned DVD I received with the clip was unreadable. Perhaps we will have it later on down the line. However, you can read Domenic’s review, he actually liked it and I am not surprised, it looks pretty good. BUY IT AT AMAZON
I don’t want to see it and I never will. BUY IT AT AMAZON




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