Kristen Bell to Star in ‘When in Rome’


I think Kristen Bell is one hell of a cute little actress, and, of course, since I haven’t seen a single second of “Veronica Mars” I am basing my entire opinion simply on the lackluster thriller Pulse, but it seems I will have at least one more opportunity to judge her on the cute-meter as she is set to star in When in Rome at Walt Disney Pictures for Mark Steven Johnson.

The pic was written by David Diamond and David Weissman and centers on a love-starved New York curator (Bell) who steals magical coins from a famous Roman fountain but soon finds herself in a bizarre situation when she is pursued back to New York by a band of aggressive suitors — the very people whose coins she took.

When in Rome was mentioned in the latest list of upcoming productions and is expected to get underway mid- to late-April.

Mark Steven Johnson is taking a bit of a departure with this feature, most likely because his superhero ventures didn’t “pan” out too well. Of course Daredevil and Ghost Rider made money, but let’s face it – they were both shit. Here’s to hoping he is better suited for romantic comedies aimed at a younger audience, because in a way, you could look at both Daredevil and Ghost Rider and say he has the comedy aspect down.

Kristen Bell will next be seen in the upcoming break-up flick Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was written by Jason Segal, whom (if you remember) was the one hitting on Debbie (Leslie Mann) in Knocked Up even though she was married. The real kicker to Forgetting Sarah Marshall is that it is rated R. I must admit, it is nice to see some unique and quality R-rated comedies coming out, and to think Kristen Bell is starring in one gives us a little hope.

Here’s a pic of ol’ Kris… You tell me… Cute? Not cute?

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