Cutie Kebbel Stars in ‘Red Mist’

Soon-to-be 23-year-old Arielle Kebbel is joined by Sarah Carter and Stephen Dillane as they join the supernatural thriller Red Mist for director Paddy Breathnach with filming already underway in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

There is no word on what the plot of the film is, but there is a film listed as The Red Mist at IMDb as a film about a woman will stop at nothing to revenge her cheating husband. However, that film is credited to James Morrissey as writer and director so to assume it is the same film is a bit of a stretch.

Sarah Carter is best known for her role as Madeleine Poe on CBS drama “Shark”, Stephen Dillane is probably best recognized as Harker from the 2001 feature Spy Game and Arielle Kebbel is the cutie last scene in the awful The Grudge 2 and John Tucker Must Die before that. To refresh your memory here’s a pic.


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