From ’30 Days of Night’ to the ‘Unthinkable’

I actually thought 30 Days of Night wasn’t all that bad, but I notice it didn’t do all that well with the critics, but it still managed to do $39.5 million at the domestic box-office on a $30 million budget so it is certain to end up well in the black I would wager once DVD and Blu-ray revenue rolls in. So, what is 30 Days of Night helmer David Slade planning next? It’s a new thriller called Unthinkable for Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

The film is said to delve into psychological manipulation centering on the interrogation of a man who knows the location of three nuclear weapons set to detonate in the U.S.

Slade also directed the Ellen Page starrer Hard Candy about a young girl that actually stalks a sexual predator and turns the tables on him. It sounds to me like this new flick isn’t much different, that is outside of adding the “24” aspect to it.

The script was penned by Peter Woodward and Oren Moverman

and is in preproduction and is casting. A summer start is being eyed.


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