‘Wolf Boy’ Adaptation Goes to the Weinsteins

Nope, this isn’t some prequel horror, this is a legitimate drama based on Evan Kuhlman’s “Wolf Boy: A Novel” as it finds its way to the Weinstein Co. with Irwin Winkler and Jill Cutler producing through Winkler Films.

The novel, which centers on the Wolf family, which is dealing with the recent loss of a son in a car accident. The parents sleep in separate bedrooms while younger siblings Stephen and Crispy struggle to cope with the loss of their mentor. Stephen channels his grief into stories for a comic called “The Adventures of Wolf Boy”. Wolf Boy lives in Forgotten City and grapples with the death of older brother Johnny Laredo while battling villains and trying to save the world.

Christopher Parker, who comes from an animation background, brought the idea to Winkler and Co. as a mix of live action and animation. Parker will adapt the novel.


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