The Latest ‘Indiana Jones 4’ Photos

So, there have been a few new photos from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull recently and I felt now was the right time to finally show them to you.

First off, the image teased above and looking at you in mini format on the right is a new pic found at Official Pix. You can actually purchase the image in an 11×14 inch print as part of a limited printing. It is limited to only 50 hand numbered pieces and will be hand signed by Harrison Ford. The photo will come bagged, boarded and priced at an astronomical $459.99. Seriously? Do people give two shits about autographs anymore to spend that kind of money? If so, more power to yah.

Next we have a photo of Indy returning to the warehouse last scene in the final shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Is it a hint? What exactly would Indy need with that Ark? That one comes courtesy of MTV.

Finally, we have a much better shot of that image that was previously only a snapshot from Empire Magazine.

Oh, and I understand there is a spoiler photo here of the crystal skull itself straight from the film. I hear it is a spoiler. I didn’t look so go forth warned.


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