New Pictures and Clips from ‘Jumper’


I personally think Hayden Christensen is an awful actor and seeing Rachel Bilson in anything outside of “The O.C.” doesn’t intrigue me either, but for some reason (must be Doug Liman) I am excited to see Jumper. Lord knows it could just be that Fox marketing team duping me once again, but I am up for giving it a shot with every intention of enjoying it.

All that said, I have just added 16 new images from the sci-fi thriller as well as six new clips for you to browse. You can check out the clips right here and get to browsing the picture gallery right here.

Jumper hits theaters on Valentine’s Day and follows the story of a genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between “Jumpers” and those who have sworn to kill them.

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