See ‘In Bruges’ and Its New Poster

I have done my very best to stop watching trailers for movies if I can help it. Granted this is a new thing for me as I wish I had never watched the trailer for Speed Racer because it would have been a real trip seeing those visuals without expecting them and I regret watching that teaser for Star Trek because it was a major let down. Luckily I have still not seen the trailer for The Dark Knight and I anxiously await not watching the trailer for The Incredible Hulk. I say all this to do one thing, I urge you all NOT to watch the trailer or any clips from the upcoming film In Bruges starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson

and Ralph Fiennes. Watching the trailer for this movie will only take away from the fun it is watching it. I say this because I never actually watched the trailer or any of the millions of clips I was asked to post and went in cold turkey.

It was fantastic! All I will say is just wait until the restaurant scene and the moment Colin Farrell yells, “Bottle!” It is one of the funniest moments in movies I have seen, I would say, since Snatch, which is the only movie I can even think to compare it to even though that comparison doesn’t really work either.

All I can say is trust me on this one, go see it, and yes the ending may let you down a bit after everything else that goes on, but on a whole it is already setting up to be one of my top ten of 2008 and it is only January.

Moving on, we have a new poster for the film from Empire, check it out below. In Bruges hits theaters on February 8th, for more info click here.


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