ON DVD TODAY: January 29, 2008

The highlight this week isn’t necessarily the titles coming out today in as much as it is a look into the future with the new titles being released in a few months.

This is it, if there is a title to buy this week King of Kong would be the one. A documentary about adults obsessed with defeating the high score on a game of Donkey Kong may seem a bit out of sorts, but it is high entertainment all the way. BUY IT AT AMAZON

Falling just outside of the must buy section is the FX series “Damages” as the first season hits DVD and Blu-ray. I reviewed the pilot episode of this show and loved it, but since my review copy has been delayed and I haven’t seen anything beyond that pilot episode I can’t call this one a must buy, even though it shows great promise. BUY IT AT AMAZON
I am mentioning this title, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy it. The Invasion is a rental at best and I think seeing this movie outside of the theater would bore anyone stiff. Just wait until the scene where Jeffrey Wright exclaims an emphatic, “Oh no!” It’s priceless and laughing at that line is really the only reason to watch. BUY IT AT AMAZON
I already reviewed this and savaged it (read it here). Lake Placid 2 is awful. Stay away! However, stay tuned as I am going to be checking out Croc very soon starring Michael Madsen. Oh boy! BUY IT AT AMAZON
If you slobber on yourself and have a hard time putting sentences together this is probably the title for you. Considering Meet the Spartans made over $18 million this weekend I know you are out there. Get out and buy this title, Fox is counting on you. Oh, and look, it’s unrated! There might be a booby in it for yah! BUY IT AT AMAZON
Oh Cuba, what happened my man? BUY IT AT AMAZON
In and out of the theaters in no time. I actually thought this film looked decent, but the fact that Lionsgate pawned it off on Roadside Attractions for a theatrical release doesn’t give me much confidence. BUY IT AT AMAZON


If you like DVD Box Art I just added new pics for the following discs:




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