2008 SAG Awards: Live Diary

Hello. This is where the live diary will be taking place. It will be amazing. I”ve been working on jokes for days. I think we’re all going to have a real good time. BOOM! (check back here for updates and whatnot)

4:51:35 PM: Do you think if you win a SAG award (called THE ACTOR) and then go home and tell your mom she’s all like “Oh, that’s great hon!” because she doesn’t know what it is? Yeah… me too.

5:10:02 PM: Ok, time to run to the store for snacks. On the docket: Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Because nothing says SAG like minty goodness.

5:25:35 PM: I’ve decided to sport my hair long like Michael Cera. In the store, as I was buying Snickers Ice Cream Bars, I got a few looks. So watch out WORLD!

5:30:11 PM: Programming note: I didn’t get that mint chocolate chip ice cream, instead opting for the snickers. We’re now just 30 minutes away from Ryan Seacrest and two hours of red carpet misery.

The SAG Awards 2008: Please everyone show up! You’re allowed!

5:40:45 PM: My guess is that some of you already know all the winners. We’ll call you “East Coasters.” But because the SAGs aren’t as big a deal as say… your average football game, we Pacific folk get them tape delayed. So don’t ruin our fun. Let us live in our little pacific bubble. We’re happy here.

5:50:30 PM: We’ve got the E! coverage going… yay!

5:50:57 PM: Oh the horror, they are showing off the girl who won “Ryan’s Red Carpet Challenge.” Her name is Amanda something… and this is the end of her career.

5:52:22 PM: I totally could have won this red carpet thing. No problem. No one does the nasty on the rojo carpet like this guy.

5:53:16 PM: Now they are going to have Amanda interview some random from “Ugly Betty.” I can’t believe we are starting off with such a giant bummer.

5:54:32 PM: They just did the milkshake dance – the random and Amanda. I haven’t the words.

5:55:41 PM: So I’ve figured it out: If you arrive two hours early to the SAGs you are: 1) Someone who won a contest or 2) Really really really non-famous.

5:57:39 PM: We are seconds away from Seacrest. I can feel it.

6:00:40 PM: Seacrest is OUT!!!! Can you believe it? He called in sick. That’s where we’re at people. Dudes who make millions of dollars off stuff like this staying home instead. That’s just awesome.

6:02:22 PM: We’ve decided we’re going to do a pagebreak every hour. Starting…. NOW


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