Box-Office Oracle: Jan. 18 – Jan. 20, 2008

#1 movie predicted correctly: 9 Weeks in a Row
I hope I’m right and this isn’t just internet hype. I think Cloverfield has a ton going for it though… awareness, great marketing, and the fact that essentially nothing else is out.
Estimate: $49.6 million
Not a very good movie. Plus Mad Money probably hurts it a bit with the girl crowd. Why didn’t they release this last weekend, when they would have won? We’ll never know.
Estimate: $13.5 million
I see a 46% drop coming this weekend because I’m betting there are still some old folk left and nowhere else for them to go. It’s all about nailing a genre guys, take notes.
Estimate: $10.6 million
Don’t you wish this was like “The Price is Right” where I could predict one dollar so I didn’t go over? I would do that here for sure because there is no bottom. A caper movie with three gals? On a weekend when a rom-com about weddings is out? Can you say “buried by the studio?” I think you can.
Estimate: $9.6 million
The critical wrath here shocked me. Don’t you guys get what Tracy Morgan is about? The man is a random comedy machine. If you went into this looking for a real deal story I just feel bad for you. I’m guessing you’re probably on the lookout for that unicorn too.
Estimate: $8.7 million
6. Juno
Now the backlash has started once all the quirksters were silenced. Truly neither crowd was right… or wrong. Juno will always just be a good (not great) flick.
Estimate: $7.2 million
If Jason Lee managed to get back end here we should salute him as a golden god. They are printing money!
Estimate: $5.1 million
I’m in Utah and I’m very cold. That’s not a prediction, just an observation. Occasionally us writers are paid for those too.
Estimate: $5.0 million
Question: Can you name a bigger box office draw then Will Smith right now? No, you can’t count porn. See, the man is on a roll, looking forward to his comedy (Hancock) later this year. And perhaps another rap album.
Estimate: $3.4 million
It gains a few hundred theaters which should be enough to sneak it past Atonement. One thing that plagues me with this film is the lack of critical discussion. It’s all slather, praise, revere. Guys, the film didn’t do anything! Let’s rise up and Juno this bad boy.
Estimate: $2.7 million


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