Ellen Page Set to be Directed by Drew Barrymore

Natalie Portman’s doing it, so is Kirsten Dunst and even Scarlett Johansson; so why wouldn’t Drew Barrymore want to direct her own film? On top of that, why not hire the hottest little actress in Hollywood? No, not Abigail Breslin… Ellen “Juno” Page.

The film is called Whip It! and in the film Page will star as a high school addict dependent on the nitrous oxide canisters commonly referred to as whipits. Wait, that’s not right! Ahhh, the film will follow the exploits of alterna-teen Bliss (Page), who lives in a small Texas town, where she is always being pushed into beauty pageants. But she winds up finding herself after joining a female roller derby team.

Sheesh, that second description is much different than my first. What the hell have I been smoking?

The flick, pened by Shauna Cross, will begin shooting in the summer in Texas.

Barrymore was quoted telling what can only be an exaggerated lie saying, “I’ve been working toward the goal of directing my entire life… Whip It! is a story that really spoke to me.”

All your life Drew? Really?


I wonder, if the film had been like what I proposed would it have gone something like this…


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