Three Talented Guys

Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere claims the following video:

But this video does makes you believe that more and more indie low-ballers are going to find it within their power to make films that will look and sound nearly as high-grade as studio product, and once they can get themselves a delivery system that will shoot their stuff over high-speed internet connections and right into TVs, they’ll be playing on a relatively level playing field with the big distributors, which means that the power that the big guys have had all these decades is sure to gradually diminish.

I must say I disagree. This just means people can make their own effects, it says nothing about the actual quality of the film in terms of story, acting, directing, editing, score, etc. Also, why do we really care about the power of the big distributers? For what it’s worth, I pretty much hate everything Fox churns out, however, when they have something I like I appreciate their existence. Even if it is only once every couple of years. Why do I care if Hitman sucked? It’s no sweat off my back.

Take a look and tell me if you think.


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