‘Dark Knight’ Chatter Leads to Darkness and Complexity

The Los Angeles Times is doing a little 2008 preview and part of it includes a look at The Dark Knight, a film sure to be inside of everyone’s top five of must see films of the new year.

The article includes a couple of choice quotes from director Christopher Nolan referring to the bad guys in the film and the feature’s overall mood. To me they are encouraging words, you tell me what you think:

“Harvey Dent is a tragic figure, and his story is the backbone of this film… The Joker, he sort of cuts through the film — he’s got no story arc, he’s just a force of nature tearing through. Heath has given an amazing performance in the role, it’s really extraordinary… It’s a dark and complex story… and the villains are dark and complex as well.”

Dark and complex, that’s all I needed to hear. I also love the fact that The Joker has no arc, he is just going to be running around like a mad men wrecking shit and causing havoc. How freaking cool is that! Yikes, it is allowing a little fanboy to seep out of me.


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